I Have Taken My Nephew To Concerts He Appreciated When He Was A Kid

I have a young nephew who is in mandatory drug rehab in jail, and we used to take these great trips to see concerts around our area in the summer. I know that it can be hard for him in jail because he cannot take those trips with me, and he could be in there for up to six months. That pretty much cuts out all the time we could have traveled, and I have tried a lot of ways to get him involved while he is rehabbing. The best thing I have found is Securus because it is an app and a video calling plan.

I can bring my nephew on the Securus app to the beginning of a concert before we have to hang up the call, and he gets a taste of the concert. It is a nice time for us because I am bringing him to the places that I am going even if it is just for a small amount of time.

I want him to know that he is going to be very valued even though he is in jail right now, and this is a good time for us to talk. We usually get to chat for a few minutes, and then he gets the beginning of the concert before he has to go. I want him to have a good experience that is going to motivate him to get better while he is in jail.

He is going to get through this jail phase alright, but I still want to help him. I know that Securus has made sure that we can get to see each other over video, and I have to say that I am happy with them about this concert sharing idea. Their advertising shows they want all of us to get a lot out of their company.

Securus Video Visitation – Concert from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Manse On Marsh Is Tops At Assisting Seniors

One of the best senior living apartment complex communities is the Manse on Marsh in the Arroyo Grande area. This area houses a wonderful facility with fantastic amenities to offer the residents. Most residents are happy to be within walking distance to the city. It is a good way for seniors to keep in good health and to get the exercise they need daily to stay in shape. The Manse is very close to the water so walking to the water is possible. Some seniors prefer to take the facility transportation to the city for a fine meal or a cup of coffee. Dining at the Manse is fantastic as well. The food is gourmet and the dining area is perfect. Each table is dressed with a tablecloth and fancy dishes. The kitchen staff greets the residents as if they were customers in a restaurant.

Manse on Marsh has flats and apartments that people can choose from when they decide to move in. These are set up for the residents individual decorating desires. You can bring in your pictures from home to hang on the wall. Your favorite bedspread will give your bedroom the home like feel. Special rockers or books for the shelves is all your room needs to feel like you never left your other home.

Manse offers patient assistance. Each resident that comes to the Manse will get a full screening to make sure they are able to do most things for themselves. The staff can help with a few things such as getting in and out of the shower or dressing. Some people forget to take their medications so the nurse on staff will need to remind them. Other than these few items, residents should be able to do most of their own care. Some can actually cook meals in their very own apartments. The kitchen is stocked and the dining tables are available for anyone that wants to join you for a meal.

The Manse On Marsh is one of the top facilities on the West Coast. People that are searching for a good facility for a family member will do good to take a tour and see all that the Manse has to offer.

Jim Hunt Explains The Meaning Of Wealth Wave

A financial expert, Jim Hunt, who is also a VTA publications adviser, recently unveiled an opportunity for Americans to make fortune from a falling stock market. Stock market crash causes a significant loss of paper wealth. However, Jim Hunt gives opposes the statement by saying that money is not destroyed, instead, it is transferred to someone or somewhere else.

He insists that it is all about timing. Jim refers to this strategy on YouTube as ‘riding the wave.’ He compares it to a surfer catching a perfect wave and riding it all the way to success. This strategy was launched in July 2016.

Over 93% of investors rely on market news to make decisions. They sought information from multiple sources during stock picking, which creates opportunities for platforms that can aggregate information and make it available for investors. The new strategy of VTA publications specializes in spread betting where trained personnel offer clients forefront information about how to make money in the stock market and perfect timing.

VTA experts work hand in hand with clients through phone calls, emails, a series of webinars and DVD training videos with simple instructions to ensure that clients learn extensively how to profit from crashing stock markets. With this new strategy, Jim Hunt said that intimidation to invest in a successful venture due to lack of sufficient information would not be an excuse. He believes that smart investors will be millionaires out of this secret method.

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