NewsWatch Continues to Garner Stellar Reviews

NewsWatch, the successful and growing consumer reviews television show, continues to receive many extremely positive reviews from both consumers and technology firms alike. In a recent interview with Nathalie van Wijkvliet, the Marketing Director for Avanca, she praised the company for helping Avanca kickstart several really successful marketing campaigns for their new product lines. Avanca had initially started an Indiegogo campaign to raise support for their latest marketing push, and astonishingly NewsWatch helped the company raise 29 times more funds than what they had initially set out to achieve. Avanca expressed how they could not be more pleased, owning so much of their recent success directly to NewsWatch coverage.


For those of you who are unfamiliar with NewsWatch, they’re a tv show that focuses on technology, consumer reviews, mobile apps, electronics, and even news pertaining to government or different fields of medicine. They typically run episodes that last for 30 minutes at a time. NewsWatch has received numerous awards over the years, reflective of just how popular the show has become, due largely to the modern and fun format that they use to showcase their news pieces.


As of late 2017, NewsWatch has produced over 1,200 episodes ranging back all the way to episode 1 in March 1990. The company is based out of Washington, DC, and has several smaller offices in New York City, New York, Denver, Colorado, and Fairfax, Virginia. The parent company of NewsWatch is Bridge Communications, an internationally renowned communications and video production organization.


Regarding the various awards that NewsWatch has received over the years, they were recently the recipient of a Gold and Platinum Marcom Award for the year 2017. They also won a 2017 national Videographer Award for excellence in the category of half-hour entertainment programming. Prior to that they also won a Silver Telly Award for 2016, and they were even nominated for an additional award that same year.


Pushing For Greatness & Prsuing Excellence: The Academy of Art University

There are a high number of design and art schools around this great nation and many more that are scattered across the globe. San Francisco, California, just so happens to be the home for one of the very best and that school is known as Academy of Art University. Yes, this is a school for the arts, but it also prepares its students for careers in communications and design. Founded by Richard Stephens, Academy of Art University is rich in history and full of pride. Its campus is located in the heart of the city, but it maintains its quaint nature. There are well-over 12,600 students here as well as more than 280 full-time teachers. That’s right! In addition to that, the school has up to 1,154 part-time teachers.

New York Fashion Week was yet again another hit and for 2017, Academy of Art University well-represented itself. Just think about it, there are hours and hours of classes, hours of painstaking labor, hours of workshops and hours of internships that goes into just 15 minutes of stage time. You’ll find some of the most eccentric and flamboyant fashion attire here. Skylight Clarkson Square was where this school displayed its dominance. Twenty-one consecutive showings truly marks the consistency of the school’s effort to travel across country. There were 10 of the school’s recent graduates who put on an exquisite show. In totality, there were nine fashion lines on full-frontal display.

Another year has turned-out to be another winner. Academy of Art University is similar to other standard universities. It is a for-profit school, it has sporting events, it offers student clubs, and it provides plenty of graduate and undergraduate degrees. What more could you ask for? The school has produced many individuals that has gone on to work in Hollywood. These individuals have been a part of the movies Sully, Trolls, Deepwater Horizon, Blade Runner 2045, Kong, Disney’s Lou, Get Out and many more.

Fabletics and the Brief History of Marketing

In the earlier days when technological advancements were rapid, there have been an emergence in new ways of advertising. When TV has become widespread, business often advertised on television with the use of spots known as commercials. Businesses have also paid for advertising on various prints. It has eventually gotten to the point where the way for a business to advertise was by sending out coupons and appearing on as many print and television and even cinema spots as they can and is profitable to the company. Then the internet came, and things slowly started changing for businesses and consumers alike.


With the internet came interactive platforms such as social media. Once social media has become established, businesses have started to see opportunities for marketing. However, before social media was search engine optimization. After the establishment and growth of social media platforms, businesses started to experience a shift in dynamics, especially as more businesses were starting online. Therefore, they had to think about ways to bring the customers to their site to continue buying their products. Interestingly enough, many business owners could not figure out the right way to address the customers so that they will feel encouraged. They still resorted to advertising the latest promotions and giving out coupons. However, this was not the method that users were looking for.


New online businesses were emerging that have used a new method of marketing. Fabletics is one of the new companies. They have decided that this society has grown enough that it is becoming a individualistic society. Also, people are looking for a more relationship based approach to marketing. Therefore, Fabletics as well as others have decided that actually engaging with customers is a good way to reach them.


Fabletics has seen the benefits of customer engagement and has decided that this is going to be the way they sell items. They not only talk to the users, but pay close attention to what the users say they want. Afterwards, they see about what they can do in order to provide this item. This helps with the sales and reduces losses.

The Impact of the American Institute of Architecture in the Society

The American Institute of Architecture (AIA) is a United States-based organization for Architects. In 1857, a group of thirteen architects came together and formed the organization. Their primary objective was to promote the practical and scientific perfection of the members and to raise the standards of the architecture profession. The thirteen architects later invited sixteen other well-known architects to join them. The 29 architects then drafted bylaws and a constitution. Before the formation of AIA, there were no architectural licensing laws or even an architecture school in the United States. The organization was previously named New York Society of Architects.

Robert Ivy, the current CEO of the American Institute of Architects, was born in Mississippi. He attended Sewance University for his degree studies and later joined Tulane for his master’s degree in architecture. The organization appointed Robert Ivy CEO in 2011. In the period he has worked AIA, Robert Ivy has launched an award-winning campaign on public awareness, improved decision making in AIA among others. Before joining, AIA Robert Ivy was the Editorial Director and Vice President of McGraw-Hill Construction. He also served as the Editor in Chief of Architectural Record Magazine. Under his leadership, Architectural Record Magazine won numerous honors in the publishing industry including the Premier Magazine Journalism Award.

AIA offers public outreach programs that support architecture, education, community development and government advocacy. The organization also partners with the design and construction team to coordinate the construction industry.

AIA concerns itself with matters relating to public health. It believes architecture can affect public health. For example, the rate of non-communicable diseases in a community like heart attacks is one of their concerns. AIA encourages its designers to create a system that promotes safety, health, and welfare. For example, they should design buildings that can support daily workouts by including additions like staircases.

AIA is committed to developing programs and solutions focused on resilience to natural disasters and sustainability. The organization is currently awarding university research grants and has in the recent past announced it would work on a community plan in one of the major international cities. The organization plans to create a phone App that will bring architects, engineers, and designers together. The App will help them in sharing ideas that can be used to improve the industry. The organization is also thinking about using the app to engage members of the public.

AIA is an organization for architects, but it has proven to deals with more than just architecture. This can be seen in its commitment to public health matters. Learn more:


Malcolm CasSelle’s WAX Platform Will Simplify In Game Assets Transactions

Malcolm CasSelle is creating a system that will improve the in game virtual assets transactions between players using modified cryptocurrency technologies.

Worldwide Asset eXchange, WAX, is a peer to peer transaction network for gamers built upon blockchain, with transaction fidelity managed by smart contracts.

WAX is a platform providing a real time listing of all in game assets that are for sale, giving users access to the global in game assets market and supporting the exchange benefits of blockchain technology.

The framework’s currency, the WAX token, will be the exchange medium supporting the selling of the users’ in game assets through the use of a blockchain widget integrated into the main game screen. The game assets will be tokenized instantaneously and the WAX framework will allow them to be bought and sold without time delays. Since the WAX token will be standardized across all games implementing the WAX framework, the issues with users not having the supported currency required to perform the transactions will no longer hinder in game asset sales and purchases.

As the standardized exchange medium, the WAX token will allow transactions to be completed efficiently and uniformly throughout the distributed gaming community. Delegated Proof of Stake will replace the Proof of Work standard implemented by most cryptocurrencies. By using transaction writing nodes called Guilds, which are selected by users’ votes, the blockchain writing will occur by a more democratic method than its POW counterpart.

The WAX blockchain technology will create a distributed, decentralized and highly secure ledger of the sales transactions.

Solving common problems of in game transactions such as fraud by implementing smart contracts and avoiding the pitfalls associated with a centralized authority, WAX increases end user security and transaction confidence simultaneously.

Malcolm CasSelle

Founder and CIO of OPSkins and the President of WAX, Malcolm CasSelle is a graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and earned his M.S. in Computer Science from Stanford University.

CasSelle was a startups leader of a list of firms that includes XFire, Groupon and MediaPass. He served as the Senior VP of SeaChange International in 2015. Previously CasSelle worked for tronc, Inc. as the firm’s President and CTO.

The American Institute of Architects and In-Depth Advocacy

The American Institute of Architects is a Washington, D.C. professional organization that has been known throughout the United States and planet since the 1850s. People frequently abbreviate the group as “AIA.” The organization’s main office is staffed by roughly 200 people total. It has about 300 local sectors in all kinds of places, too. The American Institute of Architects manages its members’ requirements through a mixture of community, details and advocacy. The people who are part of this organization include a blend of allied partners, up-and-coming professionals and architects with licensing.  Visit AIA at The New York Times to know more.

The American Institute of Architects annually sponsors an abundance of continuing education opportunities for the people who are part of the architectural profession. The aim behind these continuing education opportunities is to aid architects who wish to keep their licenses for longer stretches of time. This is a group that understands the perks the Internet offers as well. It gives people plentiful Internet tools that can help them move forward within the architectural field.

Robert Ivy is the one to know at the American Institute of Architects. He’s been the passionate group’s head honcho since 2011. He’s the group’s knowledgeable and informed Chief Executive Officer. He’s even its efficient and reliable Executive Vice President. Many people in the past have been the President of the American Institute of Architects. Richard Upjohn was the organization’s President between the years of 1857 and 1876. Ralph Thomas Walker was its President from 1949 to 1951. Susan A. Maxman was the group’s President beginning in 1992 and ending a year later in 1993. Learn more about Robert Ivy at Steel Institute of New York

The American Institute of Architects puts together an official magazine. This publication is referred to as ARCHITECT: The Magazine of the American Institute of Architects. It comes out on a monthly basis and is published by Hanley Wood. Ned Cramer works as its Editor-in-Chief, too. This helpful and informative magazine has been in circulation since all the way back in 1911. Many people who have been involved with the American Institute of Architects have been reading it for decades and decades.

Robert Ivy was born in the community of Columbus, Mississippi. He’s a bona fide native of the Southern part of the United States. He even secured his education at Tulane University in striking New Orleans, Louisiana. He has the confidence and expertise necessary to organize all of the happenings that are part of the American Institute of Architects. The members of this group look to Ivy for his comprehensive and meticulous knowledge. They look to him for his desire to do well for the architectural community as well. Ivy is a person who has a zeal for structures of all types. Architecture has captivated him for as long as he can remember.

Learn more:

Bob Reina Explains How New Live Meeting Feature Will Benefit Marketers

Bob Reina, CEO of Talk Fusion, has just revealed that Talk Fusion will now be using WebRTC for their Live Meetings Feature. This will allow people to host video conferences and broadcasts to up to five hundred people without the need for them to download anything. They will also be able to watch it on their phones and tablets. They will be able to use their browser to view the broadcasts.


WebRTC has many advantages. It makes the videos much clearer. In addition, it makes the audio much clearer. It has an easy to use interface that will make it easier for beginners to start watching broadcasts. Hosts can use the virtual waiting rooms in order to get ready for the broadcasts. Users can benefit from not having any annoying echoes or other sound problems that are often faced by people watching live broadcasts, as WebRTC really eliminates all of those problems.


WebRTC is now only offered by Talk Fusion in such a way that it can be used to broadcast to up to five hundred people. Talk Fusion will always stay ahead of everyone else. They are committed to being the first to bring you the latest technological solutions.


Bob Reina is the head of Talk Fusion. He is known to have a sense of humor, but he is really a hardworking person who has used self discipline in order to be successful and get where he is. At the beginning, he juggled several jobs in order to get through university. He graduated first in his class at the police academy. However, the spirit of entrepreneurship started rising in him, leading him to start his own business.


Bob gave up a steady paycheck in order to live out his vision. His vision was clear. He was ahead of everyone else, who did not see what was possible. His vision is what motivates his employees. He brings his pets to the office. He loves animals, which is why he spends much of his time supporting various organizations that help animals. Learn more:

American Institute of Architects: Making the Lines Clearer for Licensed Architects

The American Institute of Architects (AIA), led by Robert Ivy as their CEO, has been setting the standard on the architecture and construction industry since 2011 and is leading the industry with their quality designs and bold ideas. Robert Ivy firmly believes in the organization’s mission and vision that increasing public awareness and belief in the architecture profession’s value is the best way to help their licensed architect members get more contracts and crucial connections in the industry.

Since Robert Ivy became the CEO of AIA, the organization has realigned itself in the industry to a position with high influence and is once again recognized as a proactive, responsive and most of all professional organization that values the timely completion of contracts that is done with high-quality work. Robert Ivy also believes that their architects’ moral is also boosted as more and more people see the value in their work.

Based in Washington DC, the American Institute of Architects has hundreds of chapters with a scoring number of employees, and the organization is one of the leading membership groups of allied partners, professionals, and licensed architects. The American Institute of Architects has been able to acquire many contracts and forms that the construction and architecture industry use. This institute members benefit from the organization in the form of community-based support, information, and advocacy.

The institute also regularly conducts a market research and based on the results of this study, informs their members with in-depth analysis on results that may have an effect on their profession, and this helps AIA members react appropriately to changes in the industry’s landscape.

During the annual AIA Conference, their members have the chance to meet up with the most significant players in the construction industry and establish connections that could lead to massive contracts in the future. This is an excellent meet-up for both students and professionals alike are very eager to meet the other party and share their knowledge and love for architecture in general.

Through the connections that AIA gathered throughout the years in the professional, they are able to provide their members with endless web-based resources. And through their awards program, AIA keeps their members motivated and high in moral by recognizing their design excellence and professional achievements. Another way for them to help their licensed architect members is by making sure that they maintain their license status with the use of AIA’s internal sponsorship and support system.

If you are a licensed architect and would like to meet other workers that are on the field or go to meet-ups and have a higher chance of getting valuable contracts, it is a great way to maintain contact with them and receive support and information in your profession.

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The Commitment of Securus Technologies to Control Smuggling of Cell Phones to Prisons

Roberto Johnson, who is an experienced correctional facility officer, always recalls the efforts that he put to ensure that prisoners do not use contraband cell phones. He has experienced how dangerous it can be to allow inmates to use smuggled phones. Johnson formerly worked at South Carolina’s Less Correctional Institution. He had worked at the prison for approximately 15 years by 2010, and his main role was to ensure that the inmates were not in possession of smuggled items. Roberto did an excellent job at the institution, and this led to an attempt on his life on March 5, 2010. Two weeks before the shooting, the prison official had impounded illegal products that were estimated to be worth $50,000.


On the day of Johnson’s shooting, he had woken up at 5:30 a.m. to get ready for work. An intruder sneaked into his house and managed to shoot him six times. The man was standing about six feet from where he was, and the bullets hit him on in the chest and stomach. Roberto was injured severely, and the doctors never thought that he could survive. After investigations, it was discovered that the shooter was Sean Echol, an ex-convict. Echols was contacted by inmates using a smuggled phone and also received $6000 through a Greendot card. Contraband phones have been used to organize several crimes. A nine-month-old boy was once shot dead because his uncle had disagreed with inmates. The child was in the arms of his mother at the time of the incident.


Securus Technologies has currently hired Johnson as a paid consultant. The firm is renowned across North America for the outstanding telecommunication solutions that it provides to correctional facilities. It has also developed exceptional products that are used in managing the use of contraband phones in prisons. Correctional institutions have been unable to prevent the illegal use of cell phone in their premises by jamming signals since it is against the federal law. However, Securus Technologies currently owns a state-of-the-art product that is used in detecting the presence of contraband phones in prisons. The invention is known as the Wireless Containment Solution.


The Wireless Containment Solution operates by using a strong the antenna that can detect all calls that are made to and from the prison. It sends a signal that is similar to the cell phone’s network, and therefore, people cannot quickly notice its presence. The product is advanced and has been designed only to allow authorized calls to go through. Numbers that are not recognized by the system are not allowed to connect. Emergency contacts such as 911 can always be made without any problem. Statistics from Securus Technologies indicate that more than 1.7 million illegal calls have been prevented by the Wireless Containment Solution.


James Larkin

James Larkin was born In Liverpool, England in January 21, 1876. He was an activist and labor organizer. He was also the founder of the Irish Transport and General Workers Union. After the Dublin lockout in 1914, Larkin moved to the United States but was later deported.

James Larkin was a staunch Marxist and continued with labor activism until 1940’s. He married his wife Elizabeth Brown in the year 1903 and the two were blessed with four sons. James Larkin died in 1947 in Dublin, Ireland.

Irish Labor Party

James Larkin together with James Connolly formed the labor party in 1912. During this period he organized a series of strikes fighting for better pay and working conditions for workers. The most notable strike happened in 1913, also referred to the Dublin Lockout. More than 100, 000 workers went on strike for over seven months and as a result, they were accorded the right to fair employment.

James Larkin in the US

After successfully organizing the Dublin lockout strike, Larkin visited America to offer lectures where he raised funds to fight the British colonialists. While there, Larkin joined the Industrial Workers Union as well as the Socialist Party of America.

The main objective of James Larkin was to see that workers were given proper working conditions and pay. In 1920 he was accused of championing communism and criminal anarchy leading to his deportation back to Ireland the same years.

Larkin’s methods of operation

James Larkin used non-violent means of resistance such as boycotting of goods and sympathetic strikes. He realized that the only way to build a well-organized and respected trade union was to through legal and non-violent means.

He rarely engaged in sideshows or bitter words exchange with those he was opposing. Instead, he engaged them in a civil way something which made him popular both in England and the United States.

When the First World War began, James Larkin organized huge anti-war demonstrations in Dublin, urging the Irish people not to take part in the war.

In general, James Larkin spent almost all his life fighting for justice and equal rights for people in his country and around the world.